Shoes / An Ode to Giving

“Shoes” is the product of our in-house pilot program for EGG. Created by six talented students, the short challenges viewers to think about how they give (and what they give) to charities and non-profits.

Oh, did the video ruffle your feathers?
Good. Let us explain…


Sarah Beeby
Hee Jin Kim
Dan Solomon
Si Wen Sui (Candy)
Tom Szenher
Susan Yung
Executive Producer – Lucia Grillo
Executive Creative Director – Eben Mears
Founder, Director – Pakorn Bupphavesa
Co-Creator, Director of Special Operations – Justin Cone
Co-Creator, Producer – Ave Carrillo
Creative Directors – Marie Hyon, Marco Spier
Design Mentor/Creative Director – Jon Saunders
Storyboard Mentor – Ben Chan
Modelling Mentor – Bryan Eck
Modelling Assist – Soo Hee Han
Rigging Mentor – Zed Bennett
Animation Mentor – Pat Porter
Animation Mentors/Animation Assist – Ryan Moran, Stephanie Russell
Lighting/Rendering Mentor – Jonah Friedman
VFX Assist – Fabio Piparo
Music: Q Department
Lyrics: Justin Cone


When people everywhere are dying in the streets,
you know that there is something, something that they need.
They need shoes!
Just send ‘em your shoes.
Grab an old pair of your trusty trainers,
or maybe some high heels from your prom.
Dig up those old brown penny loafers,
or those ugly ass sandals from your mom.
Put ‘em in a bag!
Drop them off!
You’ve done a good deed,
Now you can scoff
at those one-percenters who don’t care like you,
with their closets full of partially worn shoes.
Children around the world can run and play,
even if starvation gets in the way.
Your old shoes will help everyone escape.
They need shoes!
Just send ‘em your shoes.
They really need shoes!