About EGG

The Establishment for the Greater Good (EGG) is a summer internship/training program for a select group of students and recent graduates.

With guidance from Psyop senior staffers, interns are given a one page brief and are asked to develop it — start to finish — into a complete spot: from scripting, character and environment design, storyboarding, previsualization, modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering and all the way to final compositing.

EGG projects will be created for free or at very low cost for topics and/or organizations under EGG and Psyop’s joint discretion. We’re big fans of causes which otherwise would not have the resources for a full production.

The team from our 2012 pilot program:
Susan Yung, Sarah Beeby, Tom Szenher, Hee Jin Kim, Si Wen Sui (Candy), Dan Solomon

It takes a village, people

EGG was brainchild of Pakorn Bupphavesa, a Psyop veteran of many years. Pakorn met Psyop founders Marie Hyon, Marco Spier, Eben Mears and Todd Mueller while working as a 3D artist at MTV back in the 90’s.

In 2001, he landed a job at Psyop when it was a scrappy operation operating out of an old bar. Since then, he’s held almost every title available, including 3D Generalist, Technical Director, Director and Head of 3D.

Pakorn had help with EGG’s inception in 2012 — Marie, Marco and Eben were all immediate champions. Lucia Grillo, who was Managing Director of Psyop NY, took the project under her wing and got it approved by the board (All Hail Lucia!). Justin Cone, who was Director of Special Operations and EGG Co-Creator, helped hammer out the conceptual kinks (Coney in the middle of a brainstorm is an event to behold.) And Ave Carrillo, who was a Producer and EGG Co-Creator, saw to day-to-day operations, drawing heavily on her public radio producer/journalist background to research the ideology behind the first spot.

Since then EGG has grown to become Psyop’s dedicated internship program. Graduates from year one and two have gone on to some amazing places. Some have chosen to stay on and work for Psyop. In it’s current iteration, EGG will take place both in LA and NY with separate teams and projects on both coasts. We encourage experimentation in all forms of production, from VR and Games to traditional animation production. Students will learn to innovate within a creative production environment. At terms end, they will have an amazing piece for their reels and the satisfaction that comes from doing  good in the world.

A Pre-Emptive FAQ

No one’s actually asked us any questions yet, but we thought these might pop up.

Q: I’m a student and I want to apply!
A: We are not accepting applications for internships at this time.

Q: “Shoes” is one of the best things I’ve ever seen! How did you make it?
A: Check out our process page.

Q: Are you accepting submissions for future projects?
A: Yes.

Send an email with a description and mission statement of your organization. Feel free to include however many supporting materials you feel necessary to fully explain your cause.

Q: What kind of topics are you interested in for future projects?
A: We don’t really have the answer to this question other than “we’ll know it when we see it.” In general, we’re interested in any issue or organization that tries to alleviate suffering. Yeah. That’s vague. Topics we care about but are not limited to: poverty, nutrition, disease, environment, education and inequality.

Q: I run a non-profit and/or I have a great idea for a commercial! When can you guys start?
A: We are open to ideas! What we’re really looking for are creative partners for upcoming EGG projects. We’re open to creating something that is not a spot or video per se – maybe a website? An interactive web…book? web magazine? We could play with other mediums including 2D graphics, audio, music? How about an on-site installation?

As “Shoes” demonstrates, we look for organizations who are self-reflective, self-critical and who go to great lengths to prove that the projects they oversee are in fact doing some good.

Is your organization open to trying out new ideas, looking for new approaches to telling the story of the issues you tackle? Does the idea of a creative brainstorming make you giggle with anticipation? Are you able and willing to tweak and tweak and tweak again until the story and message are “just right?”

Drop us a line!